Growing up, Warren began his affair with fashion as most do- falling in love with the fantasy of attitude cultivated in the pages of Vogue. The attention to minute detail in order to fully realize a vision captivated him and he began to experiment with photography and styling at an early age. Though he spent most of high school focusing on his love of photography, his vision itched to find other forms; not only did he want to capture a moment, he wanted to create the fibers that wove the moment together. His passion for editorial story-telling saw him pursue training as a visual merchandiser while attending George Brown College part-time for fashion design. In less than a year's time, and at the insistence of professors who saw an innate talent in the precise lines of his neo-classical approach, Warren was enrolled full-time and began to develop his line, which is simply named after his parents, VanhSophia.
         Attitude is ambiance to Warren. Confidence is a mood a woman sets, an alchemy she induces with her unique presence. It is a lack of hesitation, a totalizing embodiment of the moment. This aura of effortlessness is what Warren hopes to evoke through his clothes- or rather, what he hopes to highlight in the women who choose to wear them. Viewing fashion as a symbiotic relationship between a designer and the client who inspires him to create, Warren foresees VanhSophia as an organically evolving brand that will build continuously off its history, creating a narrative that takes on a life of its own.
        Proud to be a Canadian designer and even more so, a Torontonian designer, his perspective is rooted in the distinct personality of Toronto and the family, friends, and strangers he feels privileged to draw inspiration from.